Finding  FOREVER

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Hi! My name is Noah. I have had three homes! Some humans have just not been serious about this ?forever home? business. Folks, every cat has their own personality (just like you humans) and those characteristics need to be taken into consideration when integrating us into your home. That being said, here are MY personality traits: I am EXTREMELY vocal as I "love" to talk! I will follow you around like a dog. I love to sit on laps. I like having my own way, so don?t try to make me do something YOU want me to do! (actually trying to make any animal do something is not a good idea, just saying????..) I am a senior fellow (10) in good health who is FRONT paw declawed, micro-chipped and up to date on rabies. I will "hold up" my end of the forever home agreement? Please, I don?t need any more false hope. Adopt me only if it is FOREVER! Call (630-280-6628) to make an appointment to come see me!!!
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